Every painting starts with a clean slate...


Moby once sang the following: "All the people push and pull but they'll never get inside. We've got too much to hide.". Exactly my feeling while troubleshooting another issue or trying to dig deeper into one of those Technet-articles or Stackoverflow-questions.

As an Information Management Consultant I daily face all kinds of things that should go better to be more efficient, less time-consuming and more productive.
We all remember that few days you searched for that single parameter in your SQL Server Configuration Manager or that single GPO-setting to disable the caching of a thirth party provider.
It would be a shame not to mention the ours you've been searching on a Regular Expression which can exclude the data you need from a 200 MB logfile. Because of our common interests, we're tryinig to achieve the same goal with UNIX-based commands.

All these kind of technical experiences, I don't want to call them problems, made me to act: a blog.

Goal of this blog is to collect all kind of interesting articles, tutorials, know-hows, why's and experiences in my daily life as an Information Technology Consultant.

You can always get in touch with me by commenting on one of the blog posts or by Twitter: @BenjaminCe